Grace Episcopal, Astoria OR on 18 April

[Updated 13 May 2018]

Thank you all for the love and support you have shown during this time. The memorial service yesterday was wonderful. So many people contributed their time and talent to make it all happen.
Last night, near sunset, we gathered on the beach and said good bye one last time before letting Ann’s ashes mix with the ocean she always loved.
And just when we were getting too solemn and sad, a wave rolled in and got half of us wet, which we took as a sign from Mom that we should get on with the business of living our lives with laughter and joy.
Special thanks:
–to Rev. Lance Peeler, Judy Atkinson, and Karin Temple they made Mom’s plans for her service and reception a reality. There were lovely bouquets of lilac and mock orange throughout the church. The food was lovely and abundant. Lance ran an excellent rehearsal of the service the night before so everything went wonderfully on the day.
–to Jenny, who created the service bulletin and did countless other little jobs to keep everything rolling along.
–to my brother John and to the Rev Kay Flores for the eulogy and homily that spoke to Mom’s life and the legacy she leaves us with.
–to all who served at the altar, the team that Lance put together were professional and imbued the service itself with reverent love.
–to the actolye team in particular because serving with the Acolytes at Grace were something Mom always looked forward to and they showed me why yesterday.
–to the ushers, including my cousins Heather and Jay, who helped everyone find their way before, during, and after the service.
–to all of the people at Grace who worked behind the scenes to prepare the church for the service and reception. I know how much work is needed to get the results I saw and it was a lovely gift to receive.
–to my sister-in-law Reidy for building and maintaining the Word Press site to house all of the memorial information.
–to my daughter, Quinn for helping John with the tech set up that allowed us to broadcast the service live.
–to my brother Matt for writing the lovely obituary that appears on the Memorial site and online in local news in Oregon and Wyoming.
–to our family (Fontaines, Haldors’s, and Millers). It was lovely to see you all. I’m so glad you could come and celebrate Mom’s life with us.
–to all of the friends and family who sent cards to Mom during her illness and cards to our family after her death. They were appreciated and showed us the impact Mom had had in the world.
–to Mom’s online community who celebrated and offered prayers of your own from your own homes and churches. Your outpouring of love and support through out this entire time has meant a great deal to the entire family.
We will continue to maintain Mom’s memorial website and will update it in the next little bit with a good link to the memorial service.
I will be converting this FB page to a legacy site now that the service is over. I think you will still be able to link to Mom and leave thoughts and notes, I just won’t be able to post directly anymore.
Mom’s “What the Tide Bring’s In” blog and attached comments have been archived at the memorial site, so you can visit her words any time you want. I will be taking down the blogspot version soon so I don’t have maintain both locations.


[Prior Updates]

Ann Fontaine’s Memorial Service will be held at Grace Episcopal Church in Astoria, Oregon on 12 May 2018 at 2:00 p.m. The Rev. Lance Peeler will be the celebrant and the Rev. Kay Flores will preach. A reception in the parish hall will follow the service.

Grace Episcopal Church is a small, historic church built in the 1860’s. Ann served the church as both interim and supply over the years.

The sanctuary seats 120 and we have arranged with the church to set up overflow seating for an additional 100 people in the parish hall with a television to relay the service.

There will be reserved seating for family in the sanctuary. Ushers will seat other attendees in the sanctuary first then in the overflow seating. Ann had a lot of friends, this is a public service, and there is a chance the building will reach capacity. Please respect the ushers if they can’t fit you in.

There is limited street parking, so carpooling is encouraged. I personally would ask that if you are able-bodied, you leave the street parking near the church open for use by guests with limited mobility. There are two parking lots near the church that can be used: the Masonic Hall across the street and Performing Arts Center at 16th and Franklin.

Seating will start at 1:30 p.m.

Grace Episcopal Church
1545 Franklin Avenue
Astoria, Oregon 97103

The reception will be held immediately after the service in the parish hall.

Thank you for all of your love and support at this time.


The service bulletin is available. Click the Download Service Bulletin button to open it.

We are going to attempt to live stream the service from the church. Click the Watch Service Online button to watch it live on 12 May 2018 at 2pm PDT. We can’t guarantee that the live stream will work but my brother John has done a lot of set up and prep for it so we are hopeful.

Options for celebrating Ann’s life :

Since we know the church is too small to hold all of her friends in person we are looking for ways for people to be able to celebrate her life without being physically present at the memorial service.

Current ideas include:

–gathering with other local friends of Ann
–offering prayers at your church or house of worship
–donating to one of her favorite causes

In addition, we would invite her friends to send postcards to us that we will display at the memorial service reception. We hope this will allow people to share the day with us without having to travel.

The address to send postcards is:

P.O. Box 1354
Cannon Beach, OR 97110

If you know of a local  gathering or memorial you would like to invite fellow friends of Ann to attend, please post the date, time, location, and contact info by clicking on the Add Your Local Memorial Information button to add a comment to this post. We will publish event details on the main page of this site.

Links to Published Memorials

Many people have written memorials to Ann. Here is a list of the ones we know about:

Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming eSpirit: Ann Fontaine – Mentor, Justice Maker, Communicator, Innovator

Episcopal Cafe: She Spoke to the Soul

Speaking to the Soul: Come, Thou by her daughter, Kristin Fontaine

Speaking to the Soul: Remembering Ann from the SttS Contributors

Speaking to the Soul: Continuing to Remember Ann+ by Linda Ryan

The Friends of Jake: Rest in Peace, dear Ann

My Best Friend by Linda McMillan

Water for Temple Plants by Gene Breshears

Here is an earlier article about Ann from 2013: Ann Fontaine Finds New Life In Ministry, Spirituality In Cannon Beach

Here is an article from the Daily Astorian in 2017:  Cannon Beach adopts inclusivity resolution

Rev. Ann Kristin (Haldors) Fontaine Obituary in County 10, written by Matthew Fontaine

Obituary: Ann Kristin Fontaine in the Daily Astorian

Many thanks for your love and support.


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  1. Craig Jensen on April 26, 2018 at 7:21 am

    Ann was a beautiful soul who will be sorely missed. When we lose a loved one we wonder, every once in awhile, what they’re doing this very moment?
    I can tell you Ann is visiting her loved ones who have gone before her. She is touching the face of God and swirls of glory encompass her. She is being crowned a ‘true and loyal’ servant and daughter of God. Ann is an honored member if Heaven now. Grieve as long as you must but then rejoice that she is eternally safe in God’s arms and you will see her again! 🌠🌠🌠

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