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2 Lent

Thoughts toward a sermon. Readings are here The theme of this week’s readings for me is passion. Our passion for God and God’s passion for us. Each reading has slightly different angle on what it means to be faithful and one with God. Abraham is having an argument with God about what God’s promise of…

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1 Lent

Thoughts toward a sermon: Readings are here. The theme of today’s lessons as I read them is temptation. For the people of Israel it is the temptation to forget that all things come of God and to somehow think “we did it” ourselves. Our cleverness, our smarts, our possessions – we forget that they are…

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Last Sunday after the Epiphany

Notes towards a Last Epiphany sermon: Lessons are here. Transfiguration: Jesus and disciples – off to pray as usual after being very busy, Peter, James and John see the same old Jesus – then everything changes. They see him as he really is – the fullness of his glory. Seeing things that were always there.…

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