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In the garden…

Supposing him to be the gardener… Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb, deep in her grief and loss. The one who had freed her of her many demons, who had given her back her life, whom she had followed and supported – he is dead. All who have experienced death of those we love, of…

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Palm/Passion Sunday

Today we start with one kind of parade leading into another. From the joyous Hosannas to the silence of the tomb. At our 8 a.m. service I had everyone read the Jesus’ parts. Usually the congregations gets the “Crucify him” parts so I thought it would be a change for them to look at from…

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Hate the sin?

Father Matthew takes on the saying “love the sinner, hate the sin” – why that does not work. You can now purchase his series on the Sacraments as a DVD – great for Christian Education or inquirers’ classes. Click here for more information.

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