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What to wear to weddings – updated

Readings for Sunday October 12 are here. Isaiah writes: On this mountain the LORD of hosts will make for all peoplesa feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wines,of rich food filled with marrow,of well-aged wines strained clear.And he will destroy on this mountainthe shroud that is cast over all peoples,the sheet that is…

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Oh the places you’ll see….

Last spring, our daughter called to say we should take a trip to Scotland together. Scotland is the birthplace of my maternal grandmother. We had gone to Norway a few years ago to see the birthplace of my father so it only seemed right to balance our family tree. She bought the airline tickets and…

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Home on the range

Ever wonder whether life in Wyoming might be dull? The Casper Star Tribune reports on a little excitement in Casper. We had a Mountain Lion who came to visit our neighbors down the road. They had their dog food stored outside on the porch and the lion thought he had found a good place to…

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