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Leaving on a jet plane

Just spent a week at the beach with the g-kids (ages 2 and 5 months) and their parents – our younger son and our daughter in law. Tomorrow our daughter and I leave for England and Scotland. We will visit friends in the south of England, then go to Alyth, the birthplace of my grandmother…

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XIII Pentecost

Readings are here. At our Church Camp we had a sign by the swimming hole that said NO WALKING ON THE WATER. Thinking back on it now, maybe was there to remind us of the dangers of a natural swimming hole, the importance of checking on our “buddy,” not to dive off the cliffs around…

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I should be sermon-ating but instead I am procrastinating by playing the Friday Five from RevGalBlogPals. 1. What is your sweetest summer memory from childhood? Did it involve watermelon or hand cranked ice cream? Or perhaps a teen summer romance. Which stands out for you? Lying on the grass with my brothers at night in…

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