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Your Score: Tigger You scored 16 Ego, 8 Anxiety, and 15 Agency! And as they went, Tigger told Roo (who wanted to know)all about the things that Tiggers could do. “Can they fly?” asked Roo. “Yes,” said Tigger, “they’re very good flyers, Tiggersare. Strornry good flyers.” “Oo!” said Roo. “Can they fly as well as…

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Not preaching this week as we are in Seattle having fun with grandchildren. New grandson arrived on the 19th. Wrote a reflection on Holy Saturday for Episcopal Cafe. Here is some poetry for reflection on Easter: I WANT TO SAY YOUR NAME a love poem I want to say your name the way Jesus said,…

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A little levity in Lent

Grandmere Mimi has posted a “Middle Name” meme at her blog. Here are my answers – if you want to play go to Wounded Bird for directions: K= Kisses to all my friendsR= Rash and Risk – jumping into things before thinking them throughI= I –as in it’s all about meS= Silliness is fun sometimesT=…

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