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Friday Five

Every week revgalblogpals blog carries Friday Five – 5 questions to answer on your blog and link back to them. This week intrigued me enough to answer.Post Thanksgiving Day Friday Five asks: 1. Did you go elsewhere for the day, or did you have visitors at your place instead? How was it? 2. Main course:…

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Workout Personality

Prevention Magazine quiz to determine what exercise program will work for your personality. Here’s mine: Your Personality Type: SPONTANEOUSLife is a game, and your strategy is always changing. While you aren’t much for rules, you’ll follow them if they’re simple and help you have fun. Your Exercise Rx:Short but sweet activities that allow you to…

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All Saints and All Souls

I am not preaching this week, not on the road either. Nice to contemplate home without travel. It feels like I have been traveling non-stop. And “miles to go” again starting next Thursday. Since this is the week of celebration of All Saints and All Souls I have been thinking about those in my life…

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